Welcome to our new colleagues!

WeBuildEurope.eu’s team is growing. Four bright young professionals and students have joined us in the past two months. Welcome to Robert Lackner, Valentina Eigner, Julius Sigel and Dina Arakji!


julius sigel

Julius Sigel is WeBuildEurope.eu’s ambassador and network manager for Germany, Hungary and Romania. His responsibilities include recruiting contributors – students and mentors – to build a strong network and managing external relations and marketing in these countries. Julius currently studies Business Management at Fresenius Business School Munich, and is a young start-up entrepreneur. He has lived in Germany, England and Hungary. He previously studied at Pécs Medical University and TU Dresden, and completed a paramedic education in Berlin at the NAW centre for emergency medicine. Julius also worked as a trainee in the franchise development of RE/MAX Germany southwest.
Contact: julius.sigel@webuildeurope.eu



Dina Arakji is the Intelligence Officer responsible for the collection of information related to the research projects of WebuildEurope.Eu. From major events to literature reviews, she monitors open source information to ensure the right development of the projects. Dina is in her second year of Master in International Security at Sciences Po Paris with concentrations in Defense and Security Economics and the Middle East. She has interned at the UNDP in Beirut, the Lebanese Parliament, and World Union of Arab Bankers. She is currently a research intern at Carnegie Middle East covering the Arab Civil-Military relationship.
Contact: dina.arakji@webuildeurope.eu 



Valentina Eigner is in charge of WeBuildEurope’s legal affairs. She has studied law at the University of Vienna and Sciences Po Paris. After an internship at the Austrian Embassy in Moscow she is currently pursuing her doctoral studies specialising in European business law. She speaks German, English, French and Russian.
Contact: valentina.eigner@webuildeurope.eu



Robert Lackner is a postdoctoral researcher at the Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (ACIPSS) of the University of Graz. Before joining ACIPSS, he worked for UNODC, the European Commission and an international consulting firm in Vienna and studied History, German and English as well as American Studies at the University of Graz and at Sciences Po Paris. Robert has carried out several projects in the field of terrorism, resistance and exile studies as well as cultural history and has conducted research in Great Britain, Israel and the United States.
Contact: robert.lackner@webuildeurope.eu


See the whole team and contacts here.

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