Hungary and Poland, Vanguard of the World

By Morgane Fert-Malka

Do you think the wave of populism and illiberalism started with Brexit and Trump? Morgane, our expert on the Post-Soviet space, dares you to think again, proposing Hungarian and Polish politicians as the ‘illiberal vanguard of the West’, casting the conservative revolution in East-Central Europe in a new ‘Trump’-light. In this original and intellectual piece she discusses the strength of populism and the weakness of liberalism – or is the divide not so clear? Worth a read.

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Alibaba Case Study

By Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt

Learning from Alibaba’s success: Our co-founder, Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt, provides an analysis of the narrative, the regional action and the system of operation of the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, and draws insightful recommendations for the EU. This is WBE’s take on how to unlock untapped business potential, while promoting European developmental and social aims.

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The EU and the Arctic: take responsibility; seize opportunities?

By Amélie Schurich-Rey

The Arctic region is the theatre of ever-evolving geopolitical relations, and the interests at play are often misunderstood or ignored by the European community. The region is as complex and multifaceted as the different countries, populations and microclimates it encompasses, and is a nexus of social, political and economic issues. The future of the region will depend on the successful design of sustainable paths of development that bring environmental adaptation to the forefront. spoke to Dr. Piotr Kobza, Polish diplomat and researcher on the EU, about the EU’s realistic margin for maneuver and the opportunities for European involvement in the Arctic.

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