HybridStrategies.eu becomes WeBuildEurope.eu

Dearest readers, contributors and partners,

Hybridstrategies.eu is losing its milk teeth and rebranding itself as WeBuildEurope.eu. We believe that this new name more accurately reflects our strategic orientation as a hybrid youth organisation, originally and fundamentally a think tank focused on foreign and security policy and strategy, but also a movement that promotes:

  • Participation: we involve the youth in European (EU and national) foreign and security policy-thinking and -making
  • Values: we stand for the European ideas of democracy, the rule of law, human rights and peace, and believe in the European project
  • Change: A hard critical look on the foreign and security institutions and policies of the EU, and provocative proposals for change

The new name reflects our pro-European position of principle and is not a conservative pro-EU political statement. We remain apolitical and will continue to make room in our pages and research groups for all possible positions as long as they are soundly argumented. We remain dedicated to the creative and integrated use of instruments of influence so as to strengthen the EU’s position as a resilient and credible geopolitical actor, as put forward in the Hybrid Strategy Framework.


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