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WBE Consultancy – How we work

Through our non-profit political research projects and our network of young creative academics and practitioners, we build intimate knowledge on risks and opportunities in the European neighbourhood. 

We apply this knowledge to help businesses based in the EU to develop their projects in the European neighbourhood through support in strategic planning.

We connect European companies active in the European neighbourhood to develop common strategies and maximise impact.

By maximising the economic influence of European businesses we pursue our main goal to help the EU become an influential geopolitical actor in its neighbourhood.

The revenue generated by our consultancy project is used to finance our non-profit research projects.

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Hybrid Strategies for European Businesses

The ability of the EU and its member states to shape the European neighbourhood strongly depends on the economic performance of companies based in the EU that operate in the respective regions. We therefore help companies based in the EU to develop their business in the European neighbourhood by supporting their strategic planning. This will further our goal of establishing the EU as a strong political actor able to pursue its interests in its neighbourhood.

Our political research projects undertaken by young academics and practitioners are aimed at developing new and creative strategies for the EU and the member states. We employ a holistic view on strategy through our Hybrid Strategy Framework, investigating the integration of economic, financial, security, political, informational and cultural instruments. Special emphasis is put on economic and financial instruments, due to their high impact on process of political decision-making.

We build unique knowledge on the risks and opportunities in the European neighbourhood through our political research projects and our network of creative academics and practitioners. Additionally, we develop a local network of actors with a high impact on the political decision-making process in these regions. We apply our networks and knowledge to help businesses based in the EU develop strategies integrating business and financial perspectives with informational, cultural, and political ones, in order to maximise opportunities in these regions. Moreover, we motivate and enable European companies active in these regions to connect with each other, in order to develop common strategies and maximise their ability to shape the environment.

The revenue generated by these consultancy projects for European companies is used to finance our non-profit research projects for political strategies for the EU and the member states. We strictly do not engage in lobbying the interest of European companies in the EU or its member states. Our supervisory board controls adherence to this pledge.

Areas of Expertise

Through our current non-profit research projects we have established intimate knowledge of the political environment in the Arctic, the post-Soviet space and China. Whether you need our expertise on one of these areas or on the interconnected “One Belt, One Road”, stretching from Western Europe to Eastern China, our teams are ready to support you:

One Belt One Road

In partnership with         obor-grafic

OB|OR Austria is a consulting start-up based in Vienna, Austria, and a partner organisation to It focuses on the development of business opportunities for Austrian and German companies in China within the context of “One Belt, One Road”. OBOR Austria, through its intimate knowledge on Chinese thinking on OBOR, adds invaluable insights to’s expertise on the Post Soviet Space.

The Arctic 

WeBuildEurope’s EU-Arctic research project aims to analyse existing relations in the Arctic and to identify instruments of influence and engagement for the EU in a region undergoing critical change. The Arctic offers business opportunities in the areas of environment, fossil resources, shipping, security but also other commercial areas that have so far not been identified by most EU-based companies. We raise awareness on the economic and business aspect of likely future EU engagement in the Arctic, and develop strategies for European companies planning to invest.

The Post Soviet Space

The South Caucasus, like the rest of the post-Soviet space, is an area of strategic importance to the EU. In our research project on the South Caucasus we develop a a grand strategy for the EU towards this region in cooperation with academic, state and non-state actors from the EU, Russia and the Caucasus. We especially focus on economic influence and cooperation as a strategic instrument and on the role of non-state actors. We raise awareness on the business aspect of the EU strategy towards the Caucasus and help European businesses develop strategies for their activities in this area.