Join the Team

Why Join Us?

We are continually expanding and we are looking for talented young people to be part of our exciting project. Working with us means becoming part of our dynamic team of passionate young people who strive to make a difference. Brainstorming creative ideas, elaborating innovative policy recommendations, building and managing networks and cultivating our influence on policy-makers will be part of your day-to-day tasks. You will enrich your CV  with an experience of everyday challenge, demanding academic and professional rigor, reliability, but also original thinking, resourcefulness and spirit of initiative. You will be in regular contact with political and business decision-makers, allowing you to build a solid network of useful contacts and consolidate your address book. We operate as a decentralized team, using the Internet as our main source of communication to allow us greater freedom of movement and operational capability. We are therefore very flexible: wherever you are, you can contribute to our movement and help in a variety of ways, either on a full or a part-time basis.

What You Can Do


You will be in charge of the overall editiorial coherency of our website, including the permanent content, regular publications, working papers and research output. You will review the submissions and actively look for contributions, including through content-sharing agreements with partners. You will plan the website content agenda, monitor publications and adapt website’s architecture and design according to’s overall strategy and editorial line. Required profile: command of English at a native level is required, as well as familiarity with the topics of interests to Experience in journalism and/or edition is welcome. Good communication skills, rigour and reliability as well as creativity and proactivity will make the difference.

Central Management Officer:

This position has been filled. We thank all applicants for their interest.

Finance Officer:

This position has been filled. We thank all applicants for their interest. 

Human Resource Manager is undergoing quick expansion. Your role will be crucial in managing and orienting our HR growth. You will design and implement an HR management system and make sure that our recruiting policy matches our needs and strategic orientations. You will follow each of our contributors’ work and work closely with the rest of Central Management to insure fair

Research Project Coordinator

You will elaborate and establish new research projects, in line with’s strategic objectives. You will propose research topics and monitor their exploitation by research teams. You will also be managing the development and coordination of our established network of research teams, as well as potential partnerships and insitutional cooperation. Very solid writing and analytical skills, research and innovation abilities, as well as an accute organizational capacity are strongly required. Fluent working knowledge of English is required; fluency in French, German, Russian and/or any other European language is a real asset.

Information Collection and Management Analyst:

This position has been filled. We thank all applicants for their interest.

Marketing and Communication Manager:

You will plan and manage the overall marketing campaign, handle the definition and integration of the different marketing instruments and elaborate the brand strategy. You will also be in charge of planning, implementing and evaluating our lobbying activities.You should possess strong marketing and/ or communication  background. Prior significant experience in marketing activities for start-ups, political organizations or think tanks is highly valued, as well as a confirmed interest in the field of political science and/or international relations.

Public Relations Manager:

You willl be responsible for’s public relations. You will plan and conduct promotional media campaigns, handle press inquiries, coordinate interviews, and manage local press demands in coordination with the local network manager. Academic background and/or experience in communication, media and public relations is required. You must possess very good interpersonnal and communication skills, be able to work autonomously and possess a great deal of initative and reactivity. Perfect command of spoken and written English is fundamental; proficiency in French, German or other European languages is an asset.

Think Tank Relations and Partnership Manager:

You will be responsible for mapping out the European think tank environment, identifying and implementing partnership opportunities and content-sharing agreements, promoting our work to like-minded think tanks, but also analysing their strategies and impact so as to enhance’s competitiveness. You will work closely with the Marketing Manager, Academic Coach, project leads, lobbyists and others to make sure that our think tank relation strategy is consistent with our objectives. Familiarity with the think tank, academic and lobbying spheres is preferred. The position requires good interpersonal and organisational skills, creative thinking, rigor and reliability. Fluency in English is required. Fluency in French and/or German is an asset. This is a part-time position.

Social Media Marketing and Community Manager:

You will be responsible for planning and conducting the digital communication strategy, as well as for managing relations with the Internet community. Tasks will include online marketing campaigns, development of the network, marketing of research findings, and managing posts, tweets, communication emails, and weekly newsletters).

Local Ambassador/ Network Manager:

As a local network manager, your job will consist in building and managing a research network in your university or in your hometown, and be the link to the central management team. Tasks include: reaching out to students and talking them into joining research teams; organizing and managing local research teams; organizing the monitoring and evaluation of research projects and final results. You will also be in charge of lobbying research findings through the creation of local personal networks with political decision-makers: journalists, business leaders, community leaders. You will help plan and conduct local media campaigns and organize open discussion of the research findings with the broader public. Initative, interpersonnal and communication skills are fundamental for this job. Familiarity with international issues is an asset. You must be able to work autonomously while also being a team player. Perfect command of English is required; proficiency in local language is absolutely required.

How to Apply

Send your motivation letter and CV to, clearly stating the position you are applying for, the amount of time you can dedicate and your location. Demonstration of initiative and forward-thinking will be a plus – do not hesitate to mention concrete ideas you may have and would implement if you are selected for the job. Any additional material you may deem relevant to send us to support your application will be considered at our discretion.