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We do not only think about creative solutions for the EU, but we also actively advocate them to help them become known and taken into account by the broad public and political decision-makers of the EU. Most organised political stakeholders like parties, multinational companies possess their own think tanks and lobbying intuitions, exerting a tremendous influence on decision-making processes. The young generation in the EU is lacking this kind of representation. intends to fill this void by actively advocating the ideas of the young generation and our research teams, so as to turn these ideas into political instruments of influence to be exerted on decision-makers.

Build the pro-European movement

We bring together young people willing to engage in the promotion of European ideas in a pan-European movement. This movement motivates young people to enter the debate, develop creative ideas, recruit new members, encourage the building of new research teams, and conduct brainstorming sessions and discussions of strategy ideas both within the network and with the broader public. It takes part in a dialogue with a broader audience and political decision-makers and thus generates political influence.

You can join or start and manage a local movement connecting young people and pro-European actors interested in developing a vision and strategy for a stronger European project. Your job is to motivate young people to engage in the network and to take a leading role in managing the expansion and activities of the network. You will also establish contact with public and political decision-makers like journalist, politicians, community leaders, businesses, political parties, and think tanks in state institutions and discuss the policy ideas with them.

If you would like to join our network please find a list of the local networks already established and contact them.

  • Vienna, University of Vienna:
  • Paris, Sciences Po:
  • Moscow, Higher School of Economics:

If you are interested in starting a local network, please write us a two-page document outlining your plans on how to develop the local network along with your CV. We will give you access to other networks, provide you with material support, funding and coaching as well as best practices and ideas.

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