Engage in Research

Engage in existing research projects

Participate in an existing research project by joining one of the research teams. To participate, kindly send the project leader your CV and a short description (maximum one page) of how you would like to participate and what skills and knowledge you expect to bring to the team. Feel free to contact us with any question prior to your application.

Organise your own research team

Are you interested in or already working on another topic linked to the strategic challenges facing the European Union? WeBuildEurope.eu offers you the opportunity to organise your own new research team and develop creative strategies for the EU and its member states. How do we help? We provide you with institutional and academic support, in the planning, implementation and dissemination phases of your projects. We centralise fundraising efforts. We connect you with other research teams as well as with experts and stakeholders accross Europe. We help you achieve academic excellence and maximum creativity through our rigorous process of peer review.

Any topic that helps to further European values and cooperation and tackle the EU’s current challenges is potentially interesting. We welcome perspectives from outside the traditional disciplines of international relations and governance. The Hybrid Strategy framework we use encourages a broad and interdisciplinary view on strategy, discovering creative influence instruments and using knowledge from different fields. This opens up for a world of academic and practical knowledge that is usually not applied to develop strategies for the EU and its member states. An example would be a researcher on financial markets applying his knowledge to strengthen the impact of EU sanctions.

Don’t hesitate!

Young academics, especially those researching outside the establishment are very often confronted to a crucial challenge: how to make their ideas known by the broader public and the political decision-making circles. By joining together in a team of teams under the framework of WeBuildEurope.eu, we work together to make our voices heard. We constantly broaden our network with think tanks, universities and political decision-makers through joint research projects, conferences and brain storming sessions. We engage in active media campaigns using classic and social media to drive a discussion with the public, for we believe public interest is fostered by actively engaging the public in our research and allowing it to participate in the discussion. Here is your chance to be part of it. Do not miss it!