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“The notable absence of young voices in the drafting of the new European Union Global strategy, as well as the failure to include stakeholders from outside the current establishment, demonstrates a lack of understanding of how crucial it is today to gather different, even diverging views, in order to design effective and adequate recommendations. […] Wherever you are, you can be part of this.” – WBE

The freedoms and opportunities provided by the EU open a large window of possibilities for our young generation. Many of us have studied together with students from all over Europe, exchanged opinions with people from diverse backgrounds, and have gotten used to the idea of a Europe that is, indeed, “unified in its diversity”. We have witnessed the enthusiasm for and belief in the European idea as what holds young people from all over Europe together. The European idea has played an indubitable role in the shaping of our academic, personal and intellectual identity.

In the drafting of the new European Union Global Strategy, a wide range of lobbying groups and think tanks from Europe and beyond were consulted. However, in the process there was a notable absence of young voices, and a failure to include stakeholders from outside the current establishment. This indicates a lack of understanding of  the importance, especially in this time of crisis, to gather different, even diverging views, in an aspiration to design effective and adequate recommendations, and guide decisive action. believes the answers to thorny issues can and will be found amongst ourselves, the young generation. Young people in the EU are fortunate to have the ability and power to take responsibility. Our generation is enabled to mobilise provocative, creative ideas and bring original thinking into a withering debate. Today, the time is right for those opportunities to be seized and new dialogues to be opened, to participate and think about the future of the EU Strategy and the ways in which it will best address the challenges of tomorrow. provides a platform and fosters creative ideas to promote the European idea and European values. We aim to establish research networks in universities and cities throughout the European Union, and to include as many young people as are willing to engage.

Wherever you are, you can be part of this. You can participate in our ongoing research; submit your policy proposals; establish your own research teams and tackle specific strategic opportunities or threats facing the EU; or establish a network at your university or hometown, to enable the sharing and discussion of ideas with a broad audience that can actively advocate them.  

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