The Challenge

The European Union has to navigate in a world in disorder. The post-Cold-War status quo is being questioned and EU-Russia relations have deteriorated sharply in the past years. China remains a riddle and wild card in the international system. Societies are becoming more and more divided in the EU and at its periphery. Authoritarianism looms over the Turkish regime. The Middle-East and North Africa are straddled with insurgencies and extremism, and Syria goes into its sixth year of a bloody civil war that has led to an unprecedented humanitarian and migration crisis. In the EU frequent terrorist attacks have further empowered populist movements to question the European project by promoting nationalism and identity politics. ‘Brexit’ has exposed the rifts of British and European societies. The political elites of the EU have lost touch with the people.

We have come to a place where EU institutions have proven unable to properly address the imperatives brought about by the current situation. A wind of reform is blowing accross the European territory, with an increasing number of voices rising and asking for change. While we are thrilled by this crucial momentum, it is of the highest importance that we do not let it be recaptured by essentially negative sentiments and hateful rhetorics. To prevent this from happening, we must integrate all approaches, views and perspective – providing it remains constructive – to try and (re)build a stronger Europe, better fit for its world, reflecting in a more appropriate manner the will and expectations of those who compose it. In order to manage these intertwined threats and crises and eventually reach this goal, the EU is in dire need of a vision for its future – a vision to bridge the gap between generations, mend the rifts between the elites and their constituencies, and involve civil societies in redefining, adapting and promoting the European idea.

The Vision

WeBuildEurope.eu was founded by a group of students and young graduates from universities all over Europe, who felt the urge to fight for the future of the European project.

We want to spearhead a discussion to promote the production of fresh, creative and proactive ideas for a more efficient EU strategy.

We are a movement that stands for the European idea and supports the values of the European Union: democracy, the rule of law, human rights and peace. We strive for further European cooperation and integration in order to make the EU a strong geopolitical actor able to tackle contemporary strategic challenges.

We encourage young people from all EU member states to engage in the policy debate and develop creative solutions. We support them and advocate their ideas to decision-makers to impact the policy of the European Union and its member states. To this end, we establish local networks of young motivated people in major European cities.

We bring creativity to the current discussion by putting forward a young, creative and sometimes even provocative perspective from outside the current EU establishment.

We connect practitioners, policy-makers, students, the academia, civil society organisations, and businesses to establish a common vision and discuss novel ideas for the European Union.

We do not takes sides in the political spectrum. This allows us to discuss ideas freely, make room for a wide scope of opinions and have a broader strategic horizon than political parties, which are constrained by election cycles.

How we work

We foster an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to strategy, as put forward in our Hybrid Strategy framework, in order to break down the boundaries of traditional thinking and allow the identification of innovative strategies and new instruments of influence.

We encourage young people from all across the EU to conduct academic research projects on the strategic opportunities and challenges facing the EU and its member states and to develop creative policy strategies.

We help young people to set up decentralised research teams, to conduct and finance their research, to disseminate their findings and to maximise their policy impact.

We actively lobby the findings of the research teams to make them heard by political decision makers in the EU and its member states.

We build an active and decentralized network of young people in all EU member countries to brainstorm and develop creative ideas, conduct a vivid policy discussion and lobby the findings of the discussion.

We build an active network of political, and non political decisions makers that are for European values in order to lobby our ideas.

We involve civil society and decision-makers in the discussion through our own network of stakeholders and opinion leaders. We engage in active traditional and social media campaigns in order to promote our strategic vision for the European project.