What Does Trump Really Think About the EU? – The PanEuropean’s interview with political scientist Nicole Bacharan


With Trump in the White House, how have US-European relations changed? Our partner The PanEuropean spoke to Nicole Bacharan, a historian and political scientist specialising in American politics and Franco-American relations, about how Trump views Europe, how the EU can take advantage of his Presidency, Brexit, and what – if anything – Europe can learn from the US.
A very interesting read on the current state of EU-US relations, on the possibility of a ‘post-Western’ society, and on the future of the EU.
For more, visit: ThePanEuropean.eu

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International conference: Geopolitics of the South Caucasus

On April 28 from 15:30 to 20:00, WeBuildEurope.eu and Caucasus Initiative invite you to their first joint international conference at Sorbonne in Paris. Distinguished speakers including Dr. Nico POPESCU (EUISS), Dr. Sarah PAGUNG (DGAP Germany), Sophie CLAMADIEU (Caucasus Initiative), Sophie DEYON (Caucasus Initiative), Tatevik BIJOYAN (HSE Russia). Participation to the conference and the following reception is free!

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“Combatting home-grown terrorism in Europe: a case for improved police integration”


By Katharine Klacansky and Margaret Goydych

In this op-ed, the authors advocate the consolidation of existing systems of EU internal security. Today’s security focus is on the Neighbourhoods, when internal information-sharing is still lacking. However, the question is not one of further integration or new processes: The required integration exists in theory, and systems currently in place have proven their potential. What is needed is their effective use, which will require stronger (political) investment by Member States and a renewed focus on the internal security structure.

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